Interviews with the winners of the PHO

My fought was to interview all the winners of the different tournaments of the Purple Heart Armorys Open but Im glad to say that it where not possible for me. Since I won two of them I instead asked my friend Carl to interview me instead.

So for the Longsword tournament there was 25 fighters all eager to do there best.

In the messer there was 20 participants with 4 pools of 5.

And also the invitational longsword exhibition tournament. In this tournament it was the 8 top fighters from the open longsword tournament. It was a new kind of king of the hill or last man standing type of tournament where every fighter was given 12 points each. Al of the fighters took turns of being king for 2 minutes. As king the fighter was able to lose points if he was hit. The fighter after all rounds where made who had the most points left won the tournament, And that was no one else than Sword to swords own Grey Bennet:

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